Are these products all unique? 

- Yes. All of the designs on our clothes are done by hand. All of the labels are also handmade and sewn on individually. As a result you may have 2 shirts of the same design, but each one may have a slightly different colour thread on the labels, or more/less bleed on the design. 

We encourage you to go even further to make our products your own. Tear off the labels, spray paint them, rip holes in them. Do whatever you want. Be creative. 

How long before my order arrives?

- We try our best to make sure our orders are shipped out within 24 hours of your payment. However this isn't always possible for bigger orders or particularly busy periods. Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to arrive. Allow 1-2 weeks for international orders. 

Do you accept refunds?

- Yes, we do. If you are unhappy with your items in any way then please send an email to Items must be in original condition. 

Do you have any modelling opportunities?

- We are always looking for new people to model for us. No experience required. Please send us an email with the subject line 'Modelling (Your full name)'. Include any headshots or previous work if you have any. 

Do you sell wholesale?

- We don't. We make our clothes in very limited quantities. The process we take to make them does not lend itself to mass production. 

My labels are starting to fade in the wash - why is this?

- Due to the way that our labels are made, there is a small chance that the ink may not have set completely. This shouldn't be a problem if you follow the instructions on the care label. If not, just embrace it. Rip it off and make your own. Do NOT use an iron on the label, as it could case the ink to lift or crack.